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  • The Cave
    Plato used the allegory of the cave to describe society, understanding and the quest for enlightenment. I use the allegory to help … Read more
  • The End
    Well, I finally did it. After months of my family’s support and urging, I finally resigned from the college. I am devastated. … Read more
  • About beginnings…
    I had the pleasure of learning about David Whyte this week at my Argonauts Trust Circle. This poem, The Journey, is so … Read more
  • White Noise
    Mom! Stop humming! It seems I’m always singing or talking out loud to myself. Sometimes it’s a conscious activity: practising a choir … Read more
  • Disappearing
    I’ve disappeared again. When I lost my ability to cope, in November of 2019, A was the only one I could talk … Read more
  • Celebrating the End
    M came to my retirement party last month. I was amazed and so grateful to see her there. The last time I … Read more

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