Inspiring social change

I am the beacon that shines light in the darkness,
showing the way toward safe spaces where
all are invited to intuitively explore
the edge of knowledge
and discover sustaining solutions for a brighter future.

My role is to cultivate a culture of inclusion in professional practice by fostering connections to other ways of knowing and being
in order to nurture the inner sense of striving toward that
version of ourselves we aspire to be.

My vision of the world is one where each and every person
feels they belong
feels welcome to follow their path and
feels validated to fulfill their calling.

This is my commitment because I am an authentic leader: faith-filled, feminine, pragmatic, creative and resourceful. I inspire authenticity because I embody it and I nurture it in others by cultivating and holding spaces where intuition can flourish.

This role is my right and my responsibility as a daughter of God.

Inspiring sustaining solutions for a brighter future